Tom Gangel, PE

Joined Wallace Design Collective in 1984



You Might Not Know:

Since 1995, Tom has been a main committee voting member on TMS 402 and TMS 602, the building code and specification requirements for masonry structures by The Masonry Society, formerly the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC). He also has chaired the Strength Design chapter requirements and the Seismic Design chapter requirements.


Tom received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and his Master’s of Civil Engineering degree from Oklahoma State University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in 17 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and British Columbia, Canada.

At Wallace Engineering, his engineering projects have concentrated on national retail chains, multi-story office and large warehouses, parking structures, and seismic upgrades and retrofits. Tom has served as a Divisional Vice-President of the National Society of Architectural Engineers, and has served on the ASCE 7-02 Task Group Committee on Earthquake Loads and on the 2005 NEHRP Provision Update Committee. He is currently a member of The Masonry Society.

Notable Projects

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