James Granich, PE, SE

Joined Wallace Design Collective in 2014


kansas city

You Might Not Know:

James’ first job out of college was structural engineering for railroad bridges. During that time, he was in the Gulf Coast within two weeks after Hurricane Katrina to evaluate, analyze and provide repair recommendations for nine railroad bridges that had been destroyed or damaged.


James received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri and eight other states and a licensed Structural Engineer in Oklahoma and Illinois.

James has been responsible for the structural analysis, design, coordination and preparation of construction documents for a variety of building projects including industrial buildings, large retail lifestyle centers, low and medium rise office buildings and restaurant tenant finishes. In addition to the design and detailing of the structures, additional responsibilities include construction administration, site observations during construction, surveying in order to obtain accurate existing conditions and responsive consultation during construction to expedite any structural issues that may arise.

James is a member of Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association.

Notable Projects

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