Katherine Rainey, PE



You Might Not Know:

My stepchildren call me Llama. They started calling me that after I bought them the Llama Llama books when they were younger. Being a stepparent can be intimidating – but being the kid’s llama is something different so we get to decide what that looks like and how it works. We also celebrate National Llama day on Dec 9th for me instead of Mother’s Day.


Katherine received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Oklahoma.

Katherine’s main project focus has been on the structural design of industrial facilities such as water treatment plants, power plants, substations, high voltage transmission lines, process and manufacturing facilities. She also has experience with commercial, educational, civic and parking structures. Her experience includes the design of new structures as well as renovation, investigation and repair of existing structures. She has also performed numerous construction observations.

Katherine is a member of Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association.

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