Lise Kifer, JD

Joined Wallace Design Collective in 1997



You Might Not Know:

Lise owned “Chubby’s”, a candy and ice cream store, for 10 years in Tulsa, with locations in Stonehorse Mall, Kensington Mall and Utica Square. They imported chocolates and candies from all over the world, made homemade gelato and even won 3rd place in People Magazine’s “Best Ice Cream in the US” contest with their vanilla bean gelato. The Secret Service confiscated some of the imported chocolates because they were made from molds so precise they could be used to make counterfeit money. While she was upset at losing the chocolates, it turned into a media success and the story was picked up by the wire service all over the United States and Canada.


Lise has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University at UCT and Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa. Her duties at Wallace include H/R management and legal issues.

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