Oneta Ridge Middle School
Broken Arrow Public Schools

In 2009, the citizens of Broken Arrow passed its then-largest school bond issue, a $265 million program designed to provide the rapidly-growing with new and renovated schools. One of the cornerstones of the program was Oneta Ridge Middle School, located on the city’s east side as a replacement for an outdated school.

A central theme of this new school is “transition” – the transition from primary to secondary school, the transition from dependence to self-reliance, and the transition from a neighborhood building to a more civic building. The front of the building, housing larger extra-curricular spaces such as music, drama and physical education, is large-in-scale and gives a civic face to the community. The back section of the building, housing the classrooms, is smaller in scale and more conducive for academic study. The cafeteria and gym are located on the east end of the building near the faculty parking lot and a convenient entrance allows access for after-hours events.

Photos: ©Shane Bevel and WRA Architects


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