Eisenhower Middle School
Lawton Public Schools

Eisenhower Middle School annually educates approximately 1,000 ethnically diverse students in grades six through eight. Located on the west side of Lawton, EMS is the oldest middle school in Lawton. Lawton Public Schools focuses on four guiding principles: preparing Life Ready Graduates, sharing professional ideals, promoting healthy lifestyles and advocating for communication and transparency.

Wallace Design Collective provided structural engineering services for new 155,600 square foot middle school. The new facility houses 1,000 students, a 1,500-seat auditorium, 1,000-seat competition gymnasium with FEMA storm shelter spaces, library with computer labs, and large cafeteria. The new middle school replaces the 51-year old deteriorating structure that the district currently uses.

Photography: courtesy of ©Crossland Construction


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