University of North Georgia Convocation Center

Located on the southwest side of the Dahlonega Campus the facility is a focal point of the university and campus life. It has also make a huge impact on the region in north Georgia.

KSi Structural Engineers, now part of Wallace Design Collective, provided structural engineering services for a new 103,000 square foot multipurpose facility. The Convocation Center serves multiple uses, with classrooms and labs for academic courses, physical training exercises, and ample space for large university events such as commencement ceremonies, athletic events, meetings and concerts. The center also hosts community and regional events, such as job fairs, tournaments and large-scale meetings. The 3,600 seat arena provides the opportunity for many diversified events. 

As the center for social, academic and athletic events on campus, the Convocation Center is the single venue that brings the university community together at one place and one time to share an experience.

photos: ©Phillip Spears Photography


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