Worth Hills Village Marlene Moss Hays Hall
Texas Christian University

The new Worth Hills Village at Texas Christian University was created as a direct response to increasing demand for on-campus housing and a need for modern housing to accommodate TCU’s active Greek life. Consisting of three upper division residence halls, a multipurpose building with a dining hall and a future Greek Village with 11 chapter houses for 25 fraternity and sorority chapters, the $150 million complex will provide over 1,300 new beds for the University.

Wallace provided structural engineering services for a multiphased expansion of on-campus living. The Marlene Moss Hays Hall is the third residence hall to be completed and accommodates approximately 160 students. The 65,829-square-foot facility features suite-style housing and is LEED Gold certified. Amenities of the residence hall include a campus phone installed on each floor, more common space and self-serving ice machines.

Photos: Melissa Lukenbaugh Photography


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