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As engineers, we often try to “think outside the box.”

01.05.21 by Krista Looney
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As engineers, we often try to “think outside the box.”

2020 was a challenging and unique year, to say the least. But in the end, I would argue that it didn’t encourage us to think outside the box. 

It basically forced us to step outside the box, pick it up, shake it around, flip it over, and then re-examine it. 

“The Box” will never be the same. 

Its contents have been jumbled around and dumped out, and as we’re picking up the pieces, we’re finding that we’re gravitating towards the ones that mean the most to us.

Our family. Our friends. Our health. Our passions.

And as we reshape our lifestyles – how we work, how we plan, how we live – we’re looking for ways to give these pieces a more prominent place. Last year certainly had its trials and hardships, many of which still linger for some, but maybe it was the shake-up we needed to reset our priorities.

2020 was the year we had to change our lifestyles out of necessity, but let 2021 be the year we choose to change them out of enlightenment.

At Wallace Engineering, one of our main missions has always been to “make lives better.” This year, as part of our own lifestyle change, we want to further share our passion for making lives better by passing along our knowledge to you. 

We are rebooting Wallace Engineering’s blog with the goal of creating industry-focused content geared towards students, design professionals, building owners, and anyone who just wants to get to know us better. Each week, we’ll talk to experts within or outside of our company and give insights on a range of topics connected to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) world:

Who We Are and What We Do

At Wallace Engineering, we’re more than just structural consultants. We’re civil engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, roof consultants, special inspectors, and more. This coming year, we’ll introduce you to the many sides of Wallace and show you exactly what we do and how our services impact lives.

Technical Topics

Have you ever wondered about what goes into designing a tornado shelter – a structure intended to protect occupants from extreme winds and flying debris? Or noticed cracks in your walls or floor and wondered how concerned you should be? We know you have engineering-related questions, and we have answers. We’re looking forward to sharing our insights on a variety of technical topics that we know well.

Professional Development

In addition to covering the technical side of our fields, we’ll post our thoughts on how design professionals can develop their non-technical professional skills, such as how to boost engineering productivity or build better relationships with other consultants or contractors. 

If there are any aspects of the AEC industry you would like to learn more about, let us know! Our drive to make lives better starts with listening to you. If there has ever been a new year that’s calling you to improve your life by learning and trying new things, 2021 is it. And we’re here to help however we can.

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Krista Looney

Structural Engineer

Ms. Looney has over eight years of experience in the field of structural engineering. Krista has performed structural assessments, inspections and roof evaluations on structures across the United States. She has also performed rapid assessments of and designed repairs for structures damaged by high winds, earthquakes and other natural phenomena. She has been a licensed engineer since 2015.

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