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Intern Spotlight 2023

08.30.23 by Kyle Haskett

Intern Spotlight 2023 In school you learn all about the mechanics of your job and how to perform your new job as an AEC professional….

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Engineers on Vacation!

07.19.23 by Kyle Haskett

You can take an engineer out of the office, but you can’t take the engineer out of their brain. An engineering degree is, at its…

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Structural Engineering

06.21.23 by Kyle Haskett

Today, let’s discuss something that’s probably everyone’s favorite topic: what’s the difference between quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC)? They seem interchangeable, right? In…

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Three Lessons AEC Firms can Learn from Fastpitch Softball at the WCWS

06.07.23 by Krista Looney

In AEC, we’re always looking for a competitive advantage. In fact, I’m guessing over the course of your career, you’ve likely read a few books…

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Land Planning – Who We Are and What We Do

05.24.23 by Kyle Haskett

Times are changing. Actually, times are changing so fast I feel like I can’t quite keep up. Here at Wallace, we have been so busy…

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Five Tips for Tackling Your Engineering Summer Internship

05.10.23 by Krista Looney

School is winding down, and finals are on the horizon…which means summer internships are right around the corner!  Are you ready? Whether it’s your first…

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What Makes a Good RFI

04.26.23 by Kyle Haskett

In the AEC industry, we do our best to get things as perfect as we can.   Despite our best-efforts, things do not always turn out…

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Unconventional Units: Converting Square Footage, Volume of Concrete, and Tons of Steel into More Familiar Measurements

03.29.23 by Krista Looney

You’re probably familiar with typical AEC new construction descriptions: 150,000 square feet! 11,500 yards of concrete! 3,300 tons of steel! Don’t get me wrong, as…

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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: STEM Activities around Tulsa, OK, and on the Web

02.20.23 by Kyle Haskett

This year, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day falls on February 25th …or is it the 23rd? A quick Google search gives a variety of…

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Wallace Design Collective Expands Surveying Services with the Addition of Bennett Surveying

02.08.23 by Krista Looney

Considering Wallace’s exciting developments and growth over the past 5 years, is it any surprise that we’re kicking off 2023 with more monumental news? We’re…

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Paving The Way, Spotlight on Principal, Nicole Watts, PE, CFM

01.25.23 by Kyle Haskett

I couldn’t resist the word play there, but it falls woefully short because as our newest civil engineering principal, Nicole can do it all! Nicole…

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