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Year End Blog Review

12.28.22 by Kyle Haskett

Another year has gone by; it sure did go fast! So, let us reflect on the past year. We have had quite a year here…

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5 for 5: Five Insights From Tom Hendrick Celebrating 2022 and the Growth of Wallace Design Collective in His 5+ Years as CEO

12.21.22 by Krista Looney

Whew. How is 2022 almost already in the books? Wallace is wrapping up another exceptional year, crushing records yet again for revenue and number of…

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Giving Tuesday – Reaching Beyond Our Borders

11.29.22 by Kyle Haskett

Giving Tuesday – Reaching Beyond Our Borders It is a truly wonderful time of year. The leaves are all changing colors, pumpkin spice is everywhere,…

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Where Would We Be Without Accounting? Spotlight on Associate, Dena Dye

11.09.22 by Krista Looney

For almost 35 years, Dena Dye has played an integral role in Wallace Design Collective’s success – and not in a way you might think….

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Frights from the Field – Engineers on Site Trips!

10.31.22 by Kyle Haskett

Fall weather is arriving and the leaves are changing color and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner!    Maybe you…

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Zahner and Wallace: A Glimpse Into the Artful Engineering Collaboration Behind Iconic Metal Facades

10.19.22 by Krista Looney

When Steve Huey, PE, was 12 years old, he went on a life-changing family trip – one that set the course for his future. While…

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Drilling Down into AEC Specializations: Landscape Architecture with Nan Yuan, PLA

10.05.22 by Krista Looney

From civil and structural engineering to surveying to roof consulting, there are a lot of specializations within the AEC industry that are often overlooked or…

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Construction Appreciation Week 2022: Celebrating Flintco and Their Use of Construction Technology on 222 North Detroit

09.21.22 by Krista Looney

“Design” and “problem solving” are terms that typically get associated with engineering. But what about the design and problem solving that go into bringing an…

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Everything is (not) awesome (all the time): 5 Tips for When You’re Frustrated with Work

09.07.22 by Krista Looney

So here’s the thing: If someone tells you that they absolutely love their job every second of every day…I’m just going to go ahead and…

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Intern Spotlight 2022

08.24.22 by Kyle Haskett

School can teach you almost everything you need to know about performing your new job as an AEC professional. The one thing school can’t teach…

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How KSi Tackled Construction Administration Challenges on Coda at Tech Square

08.10.22 by Krista Looney

Structural engineering is all about design, right?  Sum forces to equal zero. Check beam deflection. Analyze shear and moment. Based on coursework, your average structural…

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Wallace’s Civil and Structural Engineering Interns Get Out of the Office and On Site!

07.27.22 by Kyle Haskett

What is the point of a summer internship from a company’s point of view?  At Wallace, we believe an internship is an investment in our…

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School’s Out! How Are Your Facilities Holding Up? – Part II: Pavement Management Programs

07.13.22 by Krista Looney

Welcome back to Summer School: Facilities Maintenance Edition! School’s out, which means it’s a great time for school districts to take a hard look at…

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Wallace Lifers 

06.29.22 by Kyle Haskett

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, about 47 million people have left their jobs since the pandemic in search of new employment opportunities….

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School’s Out! How are Your Facilities Holding Up? – Part I: Why Your School District Needs a Roof Consultant

06.15.22 by Krista Looney

School might be out for summer, but we have a multiple choice test for you: Which school budget category should receive increased funding for the…

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1 + 1 > 2: KSi Structural Engineers Joins Wallace Design Collective

05.31.22 by Krista Looney

First Impressions Matter On a stormy summer night in 2011, Kurt Swensson, PhD, PE, and founder of KSi Structural Engineers, boarded a puddle jumper for…

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Making School Pickup and Drop-off Lines Easier and Safer: A Civil Engineer’s Perspective

05.25.22 by Kyle Haskett

As we come to the end of another school year, I always think back to my highs and lows. What went really well this school…

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Why is the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa? It’s Really the Only Logical Choice.

05.10.22 by Krista Looney

When you hear “Bob Dylan,” what words come to mind? Iconic? Unique? Timeless? Tulsa? Up until recently, Tulsa would likely have never been included on…

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Tornado Season is Here: How Safe are Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms?

04.20.22 by Krista Looney

As tornado season approaches, you might hear the terms “storm shelter” and “safe room” advertised as areas to take shelter during a storm. But what…

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4 Ways Landscape Architects are Helping Bring the Stress-Relieving Wonders of Nature to All

04.06.22 by Krista Looney

Have you stopped to smell the roses recently? It’s the time of year when trees are flowering and wafting their sweet scent through the air….

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Company Culture

03.23.22 by Kyle Haskett

When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, it was 2008. I am sure many of you remember 2008 was a…

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For the Love of Maths

03.14.22 by Kyle Haskett

Happy PI Day! In honor of this most amazing mathematical pseudo- holiday that celebrates the mathematical constant pi, or the ratio of a circle’s circumference…

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Women in Construction: Advice for Female Engineers Facing Sexism in the Field

03.09.22 by Krista Looney

Sexism in the construction industry. Is the concept real? Or overblown?  Women in construction have historically been perceived as having a harder time gaining respect…

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Construction of New USA BMX Headquarters in Tulsa Creates Racing and STEM Opportunities for Kids

02.23.22 by Krista Looney

Lately, downtown Tulsa has been buzzing with new construction and…BMX bikes? That’s right, as of February 15, 2022, the city that’s known for hosting the…

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Drilling Down into AEC Specializations: Structural Engineering with Dan Popp, PE, SE

02.09.22 by Krista Looney

When it comes to architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), the “architectural design” and “physical construction” parts are pretty easy to wrap your head around.  But…

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Conquer the Career Fair: Insider Resume and Interview Tips for Engineering Students

01.26.22 by Krista Looney

College career fair season is in full swing! Does the thought of suiting up and heading to campus to introduce yourself to recruiters in hopes…

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40 Acts of Service: Making Lives Better Through Community Involvement

01.12.22 by Krista Looney

Happy 2022! What’s your New Year’s resolution? A bit cliche? Maybe. But you can’t deny that a new year equates to a fresh start, making…

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Tom Talks: Year in Review

01.05.22 by Tom Hendrick

Happy New Year everyone! As we started into 2021 a year ago, one of the biggest things we were looking forward to was putting the…

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