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Seismic Design in the US: How safe are we, really?

02.07.24 by Kyle Haskett

Living in Oklahoma, earthquakes are not something to worry about, or at least they didn’t used to be. We saw a spike in earthquakes a…

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Our Seventh Office Opens in Northwest Arkansas

01.12.24 by Kyle Haskett

Here at Wallace Design Collective, it feels like the sky is not the limit ‒ the limit does not exist. As we continue to grow,…

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Intern Spotlight 2023

08.30.23 by Kyle Haskett

Intern Spotlight 2023 In school you learn all about the mechanics of your job and how to perform your new job as an AEC professional….

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Engineers on Vacation!

07.19.23 by Kyle Haskett

You can take an engineer out of the office, but you can’t take the engineer out of their brain. An engineering degree is, at its…

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Structural Engineering

06.21.23 by Kyle Haskett

Today, let’s discuss something that’s probably everyone’s favorite topic: what’s the difference between quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC)? They seem interchangeable, right? In…

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Land Planning – Who We Are and What We Do

05.24.23 by Kyle Haskett

Times are changing. Actually, times are changing so fast I feel like I can’t quite keep up. Here at Wallace, we have been so busy…

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What Makes a Good RFI

04.26.23 by Kyle Haskett

In the AEC industry, we do our best to get things as perfect as we can.   Despite our best-efforts, things do not always turn out…

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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: STEM Activities around Tulsa, OK, and on the Web

02.20.23 by Kyle Haskett

This year, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day falls on February 25th …or is it the 23rd? A quick Google search gives a variety of…

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Paving The Way, Spotlight on Principal, Nicole Watts, PE, CFM

01.25.23 by Kyle Haskett

I couldn’t resist the word play there, but it falls woefully short because as our newest civil engineering principal, Nicole can do it all! Nicole…

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Year End Blog Review

12.28.22 by Kyle Haskett

Another year has gone by; it sure did go fast! So, let us reflect on the past year. We have had quite a year here…

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Giving Tuesday – Reaching Beyond Our Borders

11.29.22 by Kyle Haskett

Giving Tuesday – Reaching Beyond Our Borders It is a truly wonderful time of year. The leaves are all changing colors, pumpkin spice is everywhere,…

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Frights from the Field – Engineers on Site Trips!

10.31.22 by Kyle Haskett

Fall weather is arriving and the leaves are changing color and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner!    Maybe you…

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Intern Spotlight 2022

08.24.22 by Kyle Haskett

School can teach you almost everything you need to know about performing your new job as an AEC professional. The one thing school can’t teach…

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Wallace’s Civil and Structural Engineering Interns Get Out of the Office and On Site!

07.27.22 by Kyle Haskett

What is the point of a summer internship from a company’s point of view?  At Wallace, we believe an internship is an investment in our…

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Wallace Lifers 

06.29.22 by Kyle Haskett

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, about 47 million people have left their jobs since the pandemic in search of new employment opportunities….

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Making School Pickup and Drop-off Lines Easier and Safer: A Civil Engineer’s Perspective

05.25.22 by Kyle Haskett

As we come to the end of another school year, I always think back to my highs and lows. What went really well this school…

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Company Culture

03.23.22 by Kyle Haskett

When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, it was 2008. I am sure many of you remember 2008 was a…

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For the Love of Maths

03.14.22 by Kyle Haskett

Happy PI Day! In honor of this most amazing mathematical pseudo- holiday that celebrates the mathematical constant pi, or the ratio of a circle’s circumference…

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Year-End Blog Review

12.22.21 by Kyle Haskett

Another year is coming to a close and so it is natural to reflect on the past year. We have had quite a year here…

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The Importance of Existing Drawings

11.17.21 by Kyle Haskett

The Importance of Existing Drawings I am sure all of you have seen it in movies or TV shows but maybe you never really thought…

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A Day in the Life of a Structural Engineer: Kyle Haskett, PE, Associate

11.03.21 by Kyle Haskett

What’s it like to be a structural engineer? This week, one of Wallace Design Collective’s newly promoted Associates, Kyle Haskett, PE, shares with us the…

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Cold-Formed Steel – Who We are and What We Do

10.06.21 by Kyle Haskett

At the start of the year, we developed this blog series to spotlight the various services Wallace offers. On June 1, our 40th anniversary, we…

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Wallace Design Collective Intern Spotlight 2021

08.11.21 by Kyle Haskett

Almost any professional will tell you that school can only teach you so much – nothing can replace real world experience! Wallace Design Collective understands…

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Engineers Can DIY Anything (Or We Think We Can)

07.28.21 by Kyle Haskett

Several years ago, when I was studying to take my licensing exam, I decided to blow off some steam and one thing led to another….

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Retro-Fit Structural Analysis: Prelim Lateral and the 10% rule

05.26.21 by Kyle Haskett

Some of my favorite projects involve retro-fit, or modifying an existing structure for a new tenant’s use. One thing I try to stress to architects…

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Engineers’ Alliance for the Arts

05.05.21 by Kyle Haskett

By now you have most likely heard of “STEM” or “STEAM”, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics. There has been quite a push…

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Heave or Settlement? Digging into the Cause of Slab on Grade Damage

03.17.21 by Kyle Haskett

Slab Investigations As a structural engineer, I get called to investigate all kinds of damage, and I’ve especially seen my fair share of slabs on…

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Rock Climbing: A Route Through the Mind of An Engineer

05.10.17 by Kyle Haskett

Rock Climbing    Like many people, I was a bit apprehensive before I started rock climbing. I am not, however, afraid of heights; no, it’s the…

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Kyle Haskett, PE


Kyle received both his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and Master of Science in Civil Engineering-Structural Emphasis from the University of Oklahoma. He is…

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