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Gracias. Danke. Merci. Thanks.

11.23.10 by Brad Thurman
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Your mom said it.  And your dad.  And your grandparents and teachers.  As a child, it was a gentle reminder whenever someone gave you a gift or performed a kind act:

“What do you say?”

That was usually followed by a mumbled “thank you” along with the requisite staring at the ground and avoidance of eye contact.  But guess what?  It still meant something to the person you thanked.

In today’s busy world, with the hubbub of work and school and activities and life, it’s far too easy to focus on Number One and let the simple act of saying “thanks” slide by.  And that’s a shame.  Not simply because it’s an act of courtesy, but because it’s so easy to do and it can mean so much.  We all want to be appreciated, but we’re often reticent to show others the same.  The last time I checked, we’re all people and people like it when other people acknowledge them.  Appreciation is no different than respect or trust; you give it first and you’ll get it in return.

The real power of saying thanks or showing appreciation is simple.  For that moment, in the brief time it takes to do it, you’re not thinking about yourself – you’re focused on the other person.

And there are so many easy ways to say thanks.  The handwritten note still rocks in this day of electronic communication.  They don’t take long to write and the impact can be immeasurable.  But if you only have time to leave a voice mail or fire off an email or text, do it.

In this season of Thanksgiving, remember to show appreciation for those around you.  Whether it’s someone behind the counter at the coffee shop, someone holding a door, a coworker, a family member or a friend, say thanks when they do something for you.  And, most importantly, mean it.

So, thank you – to all of our clients, employees, partners and friends.  Thanks for everything you give and do for Wallace Engineering.  We can’t do it without you.  And we’d be remiss if we didn’t say thanks for following this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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