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Stop and Smell the Roses

05.14.14 by Win Rice
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Stop and smell the roses…sure it’s an old cliché, but do we really stop and do it?

As engineers and architects, we create structures that house and protect our fellow man, but do we stop and realize that we just put our mark on the earth that may survive the test of time and be here longer than us? And in some cases change the fabric of time and the course of history? Small or large projects, it doesn’t matter, they still have impact one way or another.

Professionals provide services for a fee, and it’s a non-stop battle to search out projects to keep feeding the fee machine. Once a project is completed, it’s off to the next project without so much as a blink. In most cases a professional is managing multiple projects in various stages of construction throughout his/her career. Never once stopping long enough to look back.

Looking back is more than just an ego boost, it can be a learning experience. It allows us to play “what if”. What if we had gone with concept #2. What if we changed that detail to a more efficient design? What if we hadn’t caught that error in the original concept? What if we changed the color? What if another firm had done this project? The combinations are endless and can strengthen our skill set for future projects.

Most professionals have families, and as we all know, families require our undeserving attention. We leave the office and go straight into the needs of family life. No breaks, pauses or delays, the priority is set. No time for other less important items.

Set aside some private time each day. Sit back, grab your beverage of choice and reflect back on  the lives you’ve touched, the marks you made on the earth and your accomplishments. You’ve earned it!

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