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Time For A Ride

06.16.15 by Scott Rodehaver
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I recently read an article in Time magazine online about an entrepreneur who placed exercise as his highest priority, even over his 14-person company. While that may be a little extreme, the main point of our health and well-being affecting our worklife is still on target. The author stated exercise makes him better in all his roles; as a husband, father, friend and entrepreneur. If he stops exercising, his health goes downhill and with that also goes his productivity. He loses motivation to do the things that makes his business successful.

I guess this is what is called work-life balance. According to Wikipedia (I know not the best source but I found the definition to be very concise) work-life balance is defined as the proper prioritizing of work (career and ambition) and life (health, leisure, family and spiritual). It is a difficult balance and life just seems to get more full all the time. I recall a mentor “encouraging” me during final exams in college that while I thought life was busy then… ‘it only gets busier’. How can that be? That had to be the most busy chaotic time of my life. Well, it was true and continues to ring true; through marriage, three kids, church, work, cycling, etc. It is so easy for one area of life to throw us out of balance. Too much work is a good problem to have, right? Well, if there is too much work then I had better find time for a ride, the bicycle variety.

I have been riding a bike, like many people, for as long as I can remember. I can tell you the make and model of each bike starting from the AMF Roadmaster with solid tires in the 70’s to my 2014 carbon fiber Trek Madone. Riding has always been a way for me to relax and escape, to stay fit and to set and attain goals. I started racing in high school and found time to race in college for Texas Tech. A hiatus after college ended seven years ago. It is much harder to squeeze in a ride today and while I miss rides due to work on a regular basis, I also am constantly looking for opportunities to ride/train, watching the weather for the best time to ride, scoping out new routes and dreaming of 200-mile weeks (which has not happened since college). So in the midst of all that is going on, a ride on my bicycle seems most appropriate to tip the scales to a healthy work-life balance.

It’s a bit counter intuitive but research shows that exercise actually makes you more alert. Wallace Engineering recognizes this need to balance work and life and encourages fitness through a variety of classes including Yoga, functional strength training and bootcamp. The company will actually pay for half the class if you attend a minimum number of sessions. It is great to be part of a company that appreciates the impact a healthy life has, not only on an individual’s health but on their work too. So find some form of exercise you enjoy and pursue it. It’s time for a ride!

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