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05.04.15 by Doug Fredeen
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I am blessed to have a great wife, two wonderful daughters, a great job and wonderful people to work with. I had the luxury of walking my first daughter down the aisle of marriage and now have a wonderful son-in-law. Understanding all of this did not come with trials along the way. Now I have been blessed with something I could never have imagined would be so wonderful. A grandson, Aden!

WOW! I recently read this quote, “Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you never knew was empty”. How true this quote has become for my wife and me. Sorry to be so sappy, but this is our first grandchild and it has been a life-changing event for us, just like our first daughter was.

Even though our daughter and son-in-law live in North Carolina, modern technology has made them living so far away a little more tolerable. We wait everyday for a picture or a video of him and if we have to wait too long, we email our daughter asking if there is a problem. Recently, our daughter asked us to be patient; I never did learn that quality! Saturday mornings with coffee are now spent watching the past week’s worth of pictures and videos.

Vacations are now planned around being able to see Aden…and our daughter and son-in-law, of course). We look forward to being able to spend fun times with a little boy bringing out the youth left in our lives. So for all of you with younger children and dealing with the trying times of raising children, just know that one day they will get married and have children, and a whole new world of love will be opened up.

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