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03.18.15 by Liz Franklin
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I am an Administrative Assistant and a mother of four-year old twin boys.

An Administrative Assistant is a “behind the scenes” person, here to assist you and help keep things running smoothly. Our team of Administrative Assistants here at Wallace Engineering is a diverse group of people, but we work together to get the job done. We may do similar tasks, but on any given day, in any given moment, we just don’t know what task or request might be headed our way. We cover each other during vacations, illnesses, family emergencies – you name it! We are Jacks-of-all-trades.

I was already an experienced Jack-of-all-trades when I came to Wallace. I had worked a variety of jobs – from lifeguard to human resources to engineering support to nanny of small children. My prior work experience taught me to think on my feet…and outside the box. It taught me how to change course with a moment’s notice. And finally, it convinced me that you can never – ever – be too organized!

I wear many hats in my position. In addition to general administrative duties, I handle travel arrangements, employee and project expenses, formatting engineering specifications, party and special event planning, and ordering office supplies, as well as Wallace promotional clothing and other marketing products for our clients and employees. I am the one you can depend on to make your day a little better and a little easier. I can help if you need a smiling face to greet you, need those last minute travel arrangements handled quickly, have an in-house seminar in 10 minutes with lunch that needs delivered, or you just need some last minute changes made to those specifications that, by the way, have to be out by the end of the day.

At home, motherhood has been a true test of Jack-of-all-trades-worthiness. At first, I was overwhelmed with having not only an infant, but twin infants! And a full-time job! Motherhood revealed that I was a bit of a control freak. But with babies – and especially with twins – there really is no control, so I learned to adapt and accommodate. My husband and I were advised that, with twins, a schedule is the only way to keep the chaos to a minimum and it’s true. Keeping a firm schedule has worked and being organized saved the day. It helps that I have a very helpful husband who calms me down when things get rough. And that’s one thing I learned at home: an experienced Jack-of-all trades knows the value of a good support system!

Learning to be a Jack-of-all-trades has its benefits.  I have learned a lot, and it has forced me to be a better, more organized person at work and at home.

Liz Franklin is an administrative assistant, working out of our headquarters in Tulsa. She has been with Wallace Engineering since 2007. Liz lives in Tulsa with her husband, Larry, and their twin boys, Ryan and Nathan. Her special interests include playing with her sons, gardening, cooking, exercising, helping her Dad build things, watching movies and spending time with family and friends. Liz is also very involved in Tulsa Mothers of Multiples and Tulsa Twins & Beyond. She can be reached at info@wallacesc.com. 

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