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March Madness

03.17.14 by Tom Hendrick
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When the month of March rolls around I think most everyone is aware of March Madness in college basketball.  First, there are the conference tournaments, which determine bragging rights and which team automatically gets into the “Big Dance”. Then there is the Big Dance itself where 64 selected teams play a single elimination tournament to determine who is going to be the next NCAA champion.

At Wallace Engineering, we have our own March Madness going on.  No, I am not speaking of our own basketball tournament, but rather the “madness” of keeping up with everything going on in our offices these days.  First, we have made strategic plans to grow our firm.  Growth, at least growth that will last, doesn’t happen by accident.  You have to make a decision to grow, and then plan on how you will do it.  We have many employees working hard on the marketing and business development front trying to make that happen.  New relationships are being built.  We are looking at expanding existing services.  New opportunities are being created for employees.

We are opening a new office in Atlanta.  A lot of planning has gone into that as well.  A business plan had to be developed, a marketing plan had to be created, we had to come up with a budget and find an office space and of course we had to have someone willing to lead the office.  We think we have that person.  Sarah Woodard will do great.  We plan to be up and running in May.

Because of our efforts and an upswing in the economy, workload has picked up as well.  Everyone from the engineers to the technicians to administrative, accounting, IT, and marketing staff is busy. It hasn’t been this busy in a while, probably since 2007.  Everyone is pitching in, working hard and doing what is needed to meet our goals and keep our clients happy. It’s madness at times, but it’s a good madness.  We are looking to add staff, particularly civil and structural engineers.  So what kind of employee does Wallace Engineering look for?  Well, certainly you have to have a defined education and skills for most of the positions we search for.  But that is only part of what we look for.  Excellent written, verbal, and graphic skills are essential as well.  Maybe most importantly, you have to be someone we think fits our culture and can meet our expectations.  Our expectations for our employees are found within our mission and values:

  • help our clients succeed through the artful application of engineering principles
  • contribute to making Wallace Engineering a vibrant, successful and creative company that is recognized as an essential partner by our clients and as a best firm to work for by our employees
  • work cooperatively in a project team setting
  • accept increasing levels of responsibility
  • for engineers, achieve your professional engineering license
  • show continued and progressive professional development inside and outside Wallace
  • demonstrate progressive leadership capabilities

Do you know someone who has the education and skills we are looking for and can meet the expectations we have defined?  Maybe you are that person?  If so, get in touch with us.  We are always looking for great people. Come join the madness!

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