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09.22.14 by Kenna Chapin
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The news is full of pseudo celebrities getting attention for bad behavior and the trouble they get into. I would like to put more focus on stories that highlight individuals with a positive attitude, talent, creativity and determination.

For example, a recent news story got me interested in a young talented female jazz composer named Maria Schneider. She composes improvisational jazz music for her big band orchestra. Her latest work “Thompson Fields” describes the landscape of her home in the farmland of Southwest Minnesota through music. You can listen to her music by visiting her website.

I have also been inspired by the young Pakistani, Malala Yousafzai. She stood up against the Taliban in Pakistan for individual freedom and the basic right of young women to be educated. Her courage and strength are almost unfathomable.

I am thankful for all of the talented novelists who can imagine and create stories that transport me to another time and place. I enjoy discussing and sharing their work with my friends and coworkers.

The current Ebola epidemic is an opportunity to appreciate the many engineers and doctors who volunteer their time and talent to organizations like Engineers/Doctors Without Borders. They travel to remote and often dangerous locations without the many luxuries that we take for granted to help complete strangers.

I am also amazed by the clerk at the local fast food restaurant or convenience store who warmly smiles and greets me while handing me my dollar cup of coffee in the morning. They inspire me to keep a positive attitude!

I have met many individuals that amaze me while working at Wallace Engineering. For example, the architect who designs and builds backdrops and sets for his church every year, the young architects and engineers who participate in programs to reach out to and teach young people about architecture and engineering, the administrative assistant who does beautiful wood carvings, the young and talented blues and bluegrass musicians, several talented photographers, and our receptionist who always has a smile and laugh for fellow employees and clients. And I cannot forget the several individuals who spend their extra time and vacations doing missionary work around the world. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Hopefully, I have inspired you to take the time to “smell the roses” and celebrate the individuals that you hear about on the news or encounter today who are not celebrities but are simply amazing!

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