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06.22.16 by Doug Fredeen
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Hard works pays off in a number of ways. Recently I had the honor of becoming a Principal at Wallace Engineering. An honor I don’t take lightly and couldn’t have ever happened without the support from a strong team at Wallace, both in Tulsa and in our Oklahoma City office. The time and effort put into this honor is considerable and ongoing and the results came fairly early. Another effort that is time consuming and ever ongoing and results are not seen right away is being a parent. This accomplishment of hard work could have never happened on my own and I am thankful I have a great teammate in this endeavor. My wife, Charlotte, of 35 years and counting, has been the rock of our family and the best teammate in this role of parenting a person could ever ask for. The results are two very beautiful daughters, now young women.

The youngest, Tatum, has managed to work herself through college on a volleyball scholarship. Graduated from Oral Roberts University and now working at a successful upstart company which she started on the ground floor and is working herself up through the company. She continues to impress us and her supervisors with her hard work and dedication to her job, and has become the go-to person within the company for its owners. Yes, she has been and continues to be a hard worker, but what it really impressive is her heart. She has a heart for others, puts others first and is always willing to help.

The oldest, Tara, has been married for four years now and has been a Marine’s wife for this entire time. She has taken on the role of being a full-time stay-at-home mom for their son, our first grandson. This was not an easy decision but from a parent’s standpoint, a great one. She has had to work hard to manage their small budget, be a great mom and wife. To watch her in a mother’s role is very heartwarming. The hard work she is putting into this role will pay great benefits in the future.

We sit back and wonder how this happened. How we were given two great daughters. And how they turned out so well. Hard work was part of the equation. The larger part is they are a true gift from God! We put in the work, but only through the grace of God did they turn out the way they did. We can see throughout their lives good parts of Charlotte and me coming out in them. Yes, it has been time consuming and we didn’t see results immediately. Now we see the results of our hard work in these two young women. We are so thankful God gave us these two beautiful, inside and out, daughters.

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  1. Tim A. Herndon says:

    Great narrative, Doug. Nice to see/hear of colleagues’ positive experiences and successes at Wallace and elsewhere. We’ll meet pretty soon, and till then, continued good luck and congratulations.

    Tim Herndon
    Wallace Engineering 2016

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