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What Bunny Slope? An Update from Allison Taylor

03.07.14 by Allison Taylor
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Here’s an update to my post from December:

A week ago today, I found myself at the highest altitude I’ve ever been to – on skis. Yes, my friends, I abandoned the bunny slope altogether and went straight to the top! After winding our way around the mountain, my husband and I made it to the Hi-Lonesome lift – the lift that would take us to my soon-to-be new favorite spot on the mountain.

As soon as I got off the lift, I knew this was my kind of place. We stopped at Lunch Rock, a café with ‘beach-style’ seating that overlooks my favorite mountain, Parry Peak. After a beverage, it was time to hit the slopes. I went one way, my husband the other. I ventured down Village Way and came to a fork in the road – go up Hi-Lonesome again or head down towards the base. The decision was easy and back on the lift I went.

It was best ski day I had ever had. New heights. New views. No falls. An all-around success.

Allison Taylor is a marketing coordinator at Wallace Engineering, a structural and civil engineering consulting firm.  She can be contacted at info@wallacesc.com.  Follow us on Twitter (@WallaceEng) for blog updates.

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