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Wine Please…

11.10.15 by Sarah Appleton
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Over the past year we have had a couple blogs about the joy of running. Do not be fooled…this is not one of those blogs. I will not lie and say I enjoy running. Rather, I run as my excuse to travel and drink wine…my true passion.

For example, much earlier this year I convinced my husband and a couple friends that we should all train for a half-marathon in Wine Country. I must be pretty convincing, because they agreed! And so we started our nine months of suffering through runs that had me on the couch the rest of the day recovering.

This past weekend we made our way up to Healdsburg, California, and completed our half-marathon. I thought my poor body would never forgive me. Lucky for me, this one morning of torture was followed by two and a half days of wine. What more could a girl want! We drank some incredible wine, purchased even more wine and didn’t run a step the rest of the weekend.


So…moral of this story:  If you need a running partner, you probably better call someone else. BUT, if you need a glass of wine, give me a call. I have a fridge full and I’m a great wine partner!

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