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08.24.15 by Daniel McClain
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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we love our jobs there are going to be times when things may get monotonous, repetitive, or you may just feel you need a break. One of the things I love about my job is every so often I am thrown something out of the blue that helps break it up…

I had to travel with work the other day. Had a long 5 1/2 hour long drive across Oklahoma to go look at a building. Turned out it was fire station and I needed to get on the roof but there was no roof hatch access. Typically I am used to my clients offering ladders or scissor-lifts or man lifts, but this time was unique. I was told ahead of time not to worry about roof access, so was mildly surprised when I arrived and they were pulling out the large ladder truck.

And yes – I accessed the roof by riding the bucket on the end of the ladder. After performing the work I needed to do, I got back in the bucket and the fireman driving looked at me and said – “Want to go up?” Thankfully as a structural engineer, I do not have a fear of heights, but do have a healthy respect of them. But I couldn’t resist – “Sure”. He then said “Hey, you always have to find the fun in your job”.

That stuck with me – I loved what he had said – You always have to find the fun in your job. That day my fun was getting to ride in a firetruck, and be lifted up 95 feet in the air to get a limitless view of the Oklahoma panhandle.

This next week take a moment to “find the fun in your job”.


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